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This free video is about how to stop dog barking and a simple way to train your dog not to bark. For the complete videos on stopping a barking dog and calming them down, click on the link below this video. [click to continue…]

The key to successfully housebreaking a puppy is patience, consistency, and knowledge. Here are a few tips about how to potty train a puppy. First off there is no need to yell at, punish, or otherwise mistreat your puppy for accidents. Watch this video for more on that. [click to continue…]

Dogs love to chew on things. Wondering how to stop dog chewing? Or puppy chewing? There’s a way to stop destructive chewing of furniture or other items by using a simple redirect technique. [click to continue…]

How to keep dog out of the kitchen or somewhere in the house that you do not want him or her in? Is your dog constantly underfoot? This is actually a common problem for many who wonder how can I keep my dog out of a certain room or area? [click to continue…]

dog walking many dogs being walked at the same time [click to continue…]