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How To Stop Dog Chewing On Furniture And Other Valuables

Dogs love to chew on things. Wondering how to stop dog chewing? Or puppy chewing? There’s a way to stop destructive chewing of furniture or other items by using a simple redirect technique.

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How To Keep Dogs From Chewing On Furniture

Everyone wants to know how to stop my dog from chewing. It’s a natural thing for dogs to do this as they love to chew on things. Young puppies may do it because they are teething but it does not stop when they get older.

Instead of asking how to stop a dog from chewing on furniture or other items you need to put your energy into having him or her chew on approved objects. This way the dog gets to chew but only on approved objects.

So when do dogs or puppies stop chewing up everything they can get their mouth on? Again they don’t, because this is a main way a dog will explore the world around him. Doing this lets a dog know what something feels like, how it tastes, and whether it’s good to eat.

Who Is The Online Dog Trainer?

Dan Abdelnoor who is better known as the online dog trainer Doggy Dan, is a highly successful and much sought after dog behaviorist and trainer. He is from New Zealand and lives in Auckland with his wife, two children, and three dogs.

SPCA logoHe has completed canine behavior and psychology courses and other advanced course at the Canine Behavior Centre in the UK. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has appeared on TV and radio a number of times.

His training techniques are designed for treating the cause of the problems rather than the issues themselves. His methods avoid using any kind of force, fear, or aggression, and have been fully endorsed by the SPCA.

After working with over 2000 dogs over the past five years he decided to start a website that could help everyone. Since studies show that people learn faster and easier using videos he decided on a video based dog training online website

How To Stop A Dog Chewing Everything In Sight

Here is how to keep a dog from chewing on things. If you want a dog to stop dog chewing shoes, carpet, or anything else they need to learn what is okay to chew and what is not. If you catch your dog gnawing on something he or she shouldn’t try this.

Calmly interrupt the behavior and offer an acceptable alternative object to chew up instead. This could be anything from an old shoe to a stuffed toy or even to a piece of wood. Keep offering your dog other acceptable items until they choose their own favorites.

Leave these out and put other things out of reach. Take responsibility for your belongings. If you don’t want it in your dog’s mouth, don’t make it available. Keep shoes, books, remote control devices, and anything else you don’t want chewed up out of your dog’s reach.

It’s important to never discipline your dog after the fact. If you discover a chewed item even minutes after he’s chewed it, you’re too late. Also don’t chase your dog if he grabs an object and runs. That will only give your dog what he wants, being chased by his human is fun!

More Dog Obedience Videos

This free video on how to keep dogs from chewing just covers the basics of redirecting your dog and a simple redirection usually works very well. If you have problems implementing this, then you should go to the website to watch the full video lesson on how to stop your dog from chewing up everything.

screen shot of the pack leader section on the online dog trainer video siteIt is to your benefit to learn why dogs do what they do. The more you learn about dog behavior the easier it is to have your dog become a pet you can be proud of.

Years ago the only way to learn about how to overcome dog obedience problems was to hire someone or buy a dog training book or eBook.

Now the best, cheapest, and easiest way is to learn from dog obedience videos where you can see it being done for real, right in front of your eyes.

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