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Dog Walking Tips – Dog Leash Training

dog walking many dogs being walked at the same timeMany dog obedience problems show up when you are dog walking. They include general unruliness like fighting, lunging, biting or jumping around when on the leash.

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How To Stop Dog From Pulling On Leash

A common question is how to stop a dog from pulling you around. This is easily cured when you understand why your dog is acting this way. A dog behaviorist can show you easy solutions to stop dog pulling.

Dan Abdelnoor who is better known by his online name ‘Doggy Dan’ the online dog trainer. He is a well known and respected dog trainer and behaviorist with many years of experience from working with thousands of different dogs.

A few years ago he decided to go online to reach and help a broader audience so he started an online video training website. How to stop dog pulling on lead is just one of his dog walking training videos that he has made.

There was never a shortage of dog and puppy training books and eBooks, but they all have a major flaw. That flaw is that it is really difficult to learn how to train your dog by reading about it, but learning from videos is faster and easier. This is because you can see and hear it being done right in front of your eyes.

His website has since grown to be much larger and it now has over 150 videos and he is constantly adding new videos to it. Of huge benefit to you is that he has the world’s ONLY video-based dog training website endorsed by the SPCA.

Dog Walking Training – The First Step

screen shot of the pack leader sectionSomething a lot of people do not realize is that before any training you need to become the pack leader to your dog. Skip this all important first step and you will be doomed to failure.

In the dog training video above this concept is briefly covered. On the Online Dog Trainer website there is an entire section dedicated to this.

He has devised five steps to follow and claims that if you follow these you will have complete control over your dog without having to use any harsh corrective measures

Non Aggressive Leash Training Videos

The reason he is endorsed by the SPCA is because his methods are gentle and will not harm your pet in any way. He feels that to train your dog you need to understand what makes it tick and how your dog sees the world and how it perceives you.

After you learn to understand why your dog acts like it does, you can control your dog using only gentle kind commands. The training methods he employs do not use:

What Other People Say About His Video Dog Training Website

Susan Rodhe (USA) on how her dog is now the pet she always wanted:

I love the 5 golden rules and only wish I had known about them and Doggy Dan when he was a puppy as he is now 5.

From a Facebook post by Barbara Kelly on the problems she had when walking her dog:

I am completing my 3rd day w/Doggy Dan and I am so delighted w/the progress. I will be staying with this program as long as it takes. Dan’s videos and follow up comments are absolutely the tools I have been searching for.

A testimonial from Tina & Astrid (NZ):

Just a few simple pointers on how best to let Astrid know who is in control was all it took. This easy and gentle approach has given my beautiful dog and I more confidence in each other.

Stop Dog From Pulling On Leash

There is no need for shock collars, stun collars, choke chains, invisible fences, or any other product that hurts the poor animal unlucky enough to have this used on him or her. There is also no need for a special no pull dog harness or any other kind of special dog walking device.

There are training methods that do not use any kind of pain, fear or force In fact when using the right dog training techniques you do not even have to raise your voice. These modern training methods are what the online dog trainer uses.

Picture of doggy dan holding a young pupThere are two main benefits you can gain from using his system. One, it is a proven, and completely guaranteed risk free system. If it does not work to you satisfaction you can get your money back

Two you can watch his four part obedience training video series for free to get a good idea of how modern training works. This way you can see for yourself what this video based website is all about.

The website is available right now and is just a click away. If you are interested in learning more about solving dog behavior problems like how to stop a dog pulling on the lead click on the link below.

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