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How Do I Keep Dog Out Of Certain Room Or Areas?

How to keep dog out of the kitchen or somewhere in the house that you do not want him or her in? Is your dog constantly underfoot? This is actually a common problem for many who wonder how can I keep my dog out of a certain room or area?

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We love our pets, but it is not only very annoying when they are constantly underfoot it can also be a dangerous situation. More on that later, but first this free video on how to keep dog out of areas was made by “Doggy Dan”, the online dog trainer who has an entire video based dog training website.

This is an easy way to fix this dog obedience problem. The good part is you do not have to put up a gate, a barricade, or use a leash or other restraint on your pet. Even better there is no need to mistreat your pet by using a shock collar, an indoor invisible fence, or any other forceful method.

Who Is Doggy Dan?

Dan Abdelnoor a.k.a. Doggy Dan, created a video dog training website called The Online Dog Trainer. Dan has a years of experience as a dog behaviorist and trainer from Auckland New Zealand where he lives  with his wife, kids, and three dogs.

His methods are fully endorsed by the SPCA  because the techniques he uses does not use any kind of force, fear, or aggression, to get results. He has created an easy step by step process called becoming the pack leader that quickly lets your dog know who’s in charge.

screen shot of the pack leader sectionIt will of course will not harm any dog and it comes from his knowledge of  dog psychology and behavior. Dogs are pack animals and the first thing you need to do is to become recognized as the pack leader.

After that everything falls into place quite quickly. There is an entire section devoted to becoming the pack leader on his website.

A couple of years ago he started a video based website because studies show that people learn faster and easier using videos. This is especially true for something like dog training because you can see and hear it being done for real.

The Real Dangers Of Having A Dog Underfoot

While your dog being constantly under foot can be a very annoying problem, there is a more serious side to this. Dogs and cats are a lurking household danger, according to a  report showing that dogs and cats cause all kinds of injuries related to trips and falls.

failure to keep dog out broken ankle resultFalling over a pet is estimated to cause more than 80,000 injuries a year. Researchers calculated this estimate from a national study of emergency department visits linked to pet-related falls from 60 hospitals over a period of five years.

These injuries from falls were associated with both cats and dogs in the United States. However dogs were involved in nearly 7.5 times as many injuries as cats as reported in pet health on NBC News.

As you can see this is a more serious problem than most people realize. The solution to dog behavior problems like your pet constantly being underfoot and in your way is the same as any other problem you need help with. Consult with an expert.

What People Are Saying About The Online Dog Trainer

Robyn Kippenberger, National Chief Executive for the Royal New Zealand SPCA:

“I fully recommend Doggy Dan and this method!”

Bernadette F on Facebook.

“Dan’s on-line videos are excellent, and they cover such a wide range of issues & problems faced by dog owners. He’s enthusiastic and positive, and most importantly…his method works.”

A member of the Online Dog Trainer Forum:

“I wish I could express with words how wonderful your training videos have been for me.”

Will This Method To Keep Dog Out Work For You?

Pic of doggy dan website guaranteeDue to the ever increasing popularity of the website and the many positive reviews and feed back, the answer is an unqualified yes, following his advice will keep dog out where’s it’s not wanted.

Best of all it is guaranteed to work! If it does not work for you all your money will be refunded. You can try to do this alone or you can get help that will easily teach you how to solve this problem in a very short time.

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