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Stop Dog Barking – How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

This free video is about how to stop dog barking and a simple way to train your dog not to bark. For the complete videos on stopping a barking dog and calming them down, click on the link below this video.


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How To Stop Dog Barking

stop dog barking picture of a barking dogIf you are wondering how to get your dog to stop barking this free video from ‘Doggy Dan’ the online dog trainer presents a simple ‘calm freeze’ method that works well without having to use fear or force.

The video above is just a clip of the extensive online dog training videos that cover any and all dog obedience problems like how to stop dog barking at night, at other dogs, or at the door.

All of problems you are having with your dog can be solved by applying new modern methods developed by a trained and experienced dog behaviorist like Dan. Click below for more details.

How To Stop Other Dog Obedience Problems

It all starts with getting to the root of the problem. All dogs have a pack mentality and they all obey the leader of the pack. This has been hard wired into their brain for countless generations and it is not going to change. Here is a short video titled the main reason your dog does not obey you.


online dog trainer official website bannerSo there it is, you need to become the leader if you want your dog to obey you. You can become the pack leader even if things have been going wrong for a long time by using the underlying principals of controlling dog behavior through implementing the Five Golden Rules.

These form the foundation of his modern dog training methods and the differ from the old methods that most other dog trainers employ. The Five Golden Rules of becoming the Pack Leader – none of which have anything to do with force, fear, or any harsh discipline of your pet.

screen shot of the pack leader sectionQuite simply they are the principals that had to be put in place to let your dog know that he or she no longer rules the house. Rule no.1 for example is a very powerful feeding routine that will immediately got their attention.

Establishing yourself as the pack leader is the start to solving every problem and the basis for having the dog of your dreams.

The more you are the pack leader the more your dog will watch you and respond to your behavior and simply follow your lead – training becomes easy

Once you establish these Five Golden Rules into your dogs daily routine you will have given your dog the message that you are the Pack Leader. Without the rules you are giving them the message that they are.

It’s as simple as that. Over the years people have totally transformed their dog by applying just one of the Five Golden Rules. Now, imagine what happens when you are doing all five WRONG – and most people are!

The rules are all very easy to put in place. Four of them take virtually no time at all, in fact they can save you time. And of course there is no force, fear or aggression used. With the rules firmly in place many of the issues you are facing like how to stop dogs from barking will simply disappear.

Where To Get A Video Dog Training Special Offer

Find out more by going to the The Online Dog Trainers official website which contains over 300 detailed, step-by-step videos covering every issue of dog obedience training. He currently has a one dollar special offer.

The online dog trainer is endorsed by the SPCA. Here is a testimonial from them:

“I had my reservations about what I could possibly learn from Doggy Dan’s video website, as I have many years of experience working with hundreds of dogs and I have already read and watched everything I could get my hands on,

however I was very pleasantly surprised to learn several new techniques within the first few videos and was able to put them to good use immediately, so I can heartily recommend Doggy Dan’s video website to anybody who is looking to learn safe, humane, simple, but effective techniques for both training and rehabilitating dogs.”

Sean Mc Cormack – Co Founder and executive director of the SPCA of Taiwan

There is a simple solution to stop dog barking. If you want to train your dog to stop barking at everything, or to solve other related dog obedience problems visit the online dog trainer video based website. It is available right now and is just a click away. Learn more today!

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